6 Outdoor Inflatable Games for Adults and Kids


You are standing, waiting for your kids to come out of the bouncing castle. Looking at all the fun, they are having, you can’t help but wish you were a kid so you could jump in and have fun too.

This thought comes into every parent’s mind when they see their kids playing inflatable games.

Does it mean you can’t let out your inner child and enjoy some inflatable fun because you’re an adult? In this post, we will find out which outdoor inflatable games are available that both adults and kids can enjoy.

1. Inflatable Bungee Run Game

If there is anything everyone can agree on, it is that racing is one of the simplest, most engaging, and fun competitions. Take it up a notch high by entertaining your friends with an inflatable bungee race game at your next outdoor party.

The game comprises 2 separate lanes where you must show off your strength and skills to run to the finish line. To win, you must run to the end of the lane with an elastic bungee cord attached to your back. Be careful not to be flung back to the start of the course.

2. Inflatable Sticky Wall Game

If you’re looking for a game that allows you to let out your inner kid without the aspect of competition, then the sticky wall will offer you that. Velcro strips cover the inflatable wall, and you will take turns putting on velcro suits and jumping to the wall to see who will stick.

3. Interactive Inflatable Eliminator Game

How exciting to play a game where you can have fun and exercise simultaneously. The eliminator game allows you to test balance and coordination capability. You and your friends will go wild balancing on pedestals, jumping, and ducking to avoid spinning horizontal inflatable poles and trying to knock you off the game.

4. Inflatable Jungle Maze Game

For those who love playing mazes, this outdoor inflatable game is for you. It can be made more exciting and entertaining by adding creepy, scary decorations to get that adventure feeling.

5. Interactive Inflatable Football Game

This inflatable game will excite you if you’re a group of football fans or enjoy playing football games. Arrange yourself into smaller teams and jump onto the rectangular inflatable football table. Work together to score like you’re in a football match.

It has horizontal supports that you can grab to prevent falling while playing.

6. Hungry Hippo Chow Down Inflatable Game

You must have played hippo chow down game as a kid, and maybe you still engage your kids in playing the same. For your next party, treat your friends to a good measure of nostalgic experience by getting an inflatable hippo chow-down game.

Everyone will compete in running to the center pool filled with colorful balls while tied with a bungee cord at the inflatable circle perimeter. The one who picks the most balls wins.


You will never get enough of this game, whether an adult or a kid. There is an inflatable lane that you run towards its end to knock over pins while inside a soft bowling ball.


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